Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Model Announcement: Cat 789D Mining Truck

Images of the prototype shown. Changes may be made to production model.

Images of the prototype shown. Changes may be made to production model.

We are very pleased to announce our latest 1:87th precision scale model in fine brass—the Cat 789D Mining Truck.

The Machine:
The Cat 789D continues the tradition of Caterpillar’s proven 789 Truck with high productivity and lowest in class cost per ton. Power is provided by the proven Cat 3500 series 16-cylinder engine, delivering up to 2,100 gross horsepower. Weighing in at 715,000 lbs, this machine can haul a payload of 200 tons. Traveling at over 35 mph, it can be brought to a stop with its advanced oil-cooled braking system.

The Model:
Classic Construction Models once again pushes the limits of what can be created at 1:87 scale. Each of these limited-edition models is made by hand of sheet and cast brass, every one a true museum-quality work of art. With just a quick look at this fine recreation of the 789D you will see the surprising details of the wear plates in the dump bed, engine exhausts, work lights, safety rails, and operator's cab. Turn it over and marvel at the full drivetrain, engine, truck frame, movable steering and spring suspension. All sits on realistic rubber tires. There will only be a limited amount of these scale models made, and a signed and numbered machine brochure will be included to certify their authenticity.

Even at 1:87 scale this is a big truck. Overall dimensions are 6" long, 3.5" wide, 3" tall. Price and production quantity are yet to be determined for this piece, but will be in line with our other brass models of this scale. For current updates, check this page on our website: http://ccmodels.com/caterpillar-Cat-789D.shtml

Remember to call us so you can be placed on the request list for this limited edition model by contacting us today.

Email: sales@ccmodels.com

Phone: 503-626-6395, Monday - Friday | 8am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time

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  1. I like this model !
    They look so realistic !
    So please continue along these lines.
    I am an admirer of their 1/87 Caterpillar models !