Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cat 16M Grader sample

The first sample of our upcoming Cat 16M grader has arrived!

As always, we love to share progress images of our models when we can, and this one is looking great. This is our first production sample of the 16M, so there will still be a few changes to the fit and finish. Overall we are very excited about the level of detail and function we have achieved with this 1:48 scale die-cast model.

The retail pricing on the Cat 16M will be $239.95. Please call us to be placed on the request list model or place an order with your favorite CCM dealer. The production quantity on this one has not yet been set, but rest assured it will be limited, so don't be left out!

Detailed moldboard and circle can be positioned.

Front tires steer and can be angled for grading.

Tandem drive rear wheels tilt for terrain and ripper raises and lowers.


  1. Replies
    1. The fenders are optional equipment on the standard machine.

  2. Would like to know if a second version will be produced that is the "mine specific" pack as per the production sample pictures?

    1. I can’t answer your question with any certainty but there is a possibility that we may produce a run with the mining package at a later date. A high percentage of the dealers/customers that we’re in contact with weren’t as interested in the mine spec model.

    2. From what I have seen on numerous forums most people were expecting the Mine Spec version. I suspect it would sell better than the standard. I for one would prefer the Mine spec.