Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fan Appreciation: Show us your #CCModel

Throughout the years we’ve found that our collector’s enjoy sharing pictures of their newest model additions, customizations and displays. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more happy about seeing and hearing your feedback.

To show our appreciation to our collectors and share what others in the community are doing with their models we’ve launched the #CCModel Fan Model Showcase.

Every month, we’ll choose two different fan photo submissions to publish on our Facebook page and other social media sites to be prominently displayed as a featured post.

Below is one of our recent submissions.

Here’s your chance to have your Classic Construction Model on display in front of hundreds of other collectors to admire.

Submitting your #CCModel picture is easy; you can send us your submissions via email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook message or post using the #CCModel hashtag.

We look forward to seeing your Classic Construction Models.

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Model Announcement: Cat® 660 Wheel Tractor-Scraper

We are pleased to announce the addition of the 1:48 scale die-cast Caterpillar 660 Scraper to our upcoming models.

The 660 was powered by a single 500 HP engine. The machine was nearly 57’ long and over 14’ wide as shown in this dimensional layout.

Some other features of the machine include:

Positive Action Scraper
● 54 Cu. Yd. (41,3 m3) heaped.
● 40 Cu. Yd. (30,6 m3) struck.

Diesel Tractor
● 500 HP (flywheel) Caterpillar engine with automatic, fuel injection timing advance to give optimum performance at all RPM.

Power Shift Transmission
● Automatic shifting from torque divider drive to direct drive to overdrive in each of three forward speed ranges.
● Top speed 42 MPH (67,6 km/h).

Operating and Service Ease
● Power steering, air brakes, single lever shift control, quick response scraper controls.
● Major components accessible and independently removable.

Photo provided by Ken Rudenski. All rights reserved.

The production will be limited to 660 pieces and retail price will be $299.95 plus shipping and handling. Progress photos, dimensional details, and delivery information will be updated in future blog posts and/or on our Facebook page and website.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CAT® 349E and 16M Models Have Arrived!

The photo below shows our crew unloading one of two separate container shipments that somehow managed to arrive at our shop on the same day. We assure you it wasn’t intentional!

Our warehouse is at max capacity but we’re doing our best to clear some space and get these models shipped as quickly as possible.

If you have a request in for one or both of these models contact us soon as availability is extremely limited.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Classic Construction Models Goes Social

When we first started our official Facebook page a few months ago we had no idea how popular Classic Construction Models would be on social media or if our customers would even be there.

Turns out, we have a very active social community of scale model and Cat® enthusiasts who’ve eagerly engaged with our latest posts and updates.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to expand our social presence to a few other popular networks in hopes of providing you more ways to connect with us.

Below you will find links to our newest CCM social profiles that we’ll be diligently updating in the near future with behind the scenes photos, new product announcements, fan model showcases and more.

Follow your favorite CCM accounts using the helpful links below.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ccmodelsinc
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ccmodelsinc
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/ccmodelsinc
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ccmodelsinc
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/ccm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClassicConstructionModels

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Model Announcement: Cat® D10T2 Dozer

The D10T2 Dozer continues the D10 legacy as a highly productive machine in a wide variety of applications including mining, heavy construction and bulk materials handling. The D10T2 uses the latest load sensing hydraulics technology combined with Cat® advanced engine controls to maximize the amount of material moved for every drop of fuel.

Caterpillar offers the D10T2 with the Cat C27 engine producing 600 HP in forward gears and 722 HP in reverse gears. The engine controller automatically adjusts power output based on the direction of travel. Weighing over 154,000 pounds, the Cat D10T2 is the second largest dozer manufactured by Caterpillar.

Machine details were gathered from www.cat.com.

The models will be constructed in 1:24 scale die-cast and will be available in two configurations:
1. U-blade and multi (3) shank ripper.
2. Coal blade and counterweight.

Both versions will be decorated in standard Cat colors and feature a safety access package with catwalks, handrails and ladders. The coal version will measure 11” wide and almost 15” long. The ripper configuration will measure an equally impressive 8.5” wide and 15.5” long with both versions topping out over 7” tall.

All models will be individually serial-numbered and will include a serialized machine brochure to certify authenticity.

The size of the production run is still undetermined and at this time the price has not been set. Progress photos, dimensional details, pricing and delivery information will be updated as it becomes available at ccmodels.com.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cat® 6020B Sample

The much awaited 6020B sample has arrived! Much to our delight, the review of the 1:48 scale model has been completed with just a few minor changes.

We have included some of the model photos here but more can be viewed at the 6020B model’s web page. Make sure to check out the details of the bucket, including the lip, wing and heel shrouds.

Measuring in at approximately 14” long, 6” wide and around 10 pounds, it’s hard to put this rather large 1:48 scale model into perspective until parking it next to our 1:48 scale Cat® 349E excavator, as pictured below.

We’re too early in the process to predict an accurate ship date at this time, but we’re hoping to have the completed models here sometime this Fall. Model information, including pricing and delivery times, will be revised on the website as they become available.

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure and contact us or your favorite CCM dealer before the models are all spoken for.


Email: sales@ccmodels.com
Phone: 503-626-6395

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Model Announcement: Caterpillar D9H Track Type Tractor

We are excited to announce production of our newest hand crafted brass model - the historic Caterpillar D9H Track-Type Tractor – has begun. This legendary machine was originally introduced in 1974 and replaced the D9G.

The D9H was the last version of the D9 series prior to the introduction of the elevated sprocket design. Its power came from a turbocharged Caterpillar D353, an after-cooled six-cylinder engine producing 410 flywheel horsepower.

To maximize the application of this power the D9H came standard with pinned equalizer bar suspension, pilot hydraulic implement system, sealed and lubricated track (SALT), combined braking and steering controls and power-shift transmission.

The model will be produced in 1:24 scale and will measure an impressive 15” long, 7.25” wide by nearly 7” tall.

A fully detailed operator’s cab, positionable ripper and blade, opening cab and a fully detailed engine are just some of the details that will be included on the model. More than 200 individually cast and hand soldered parts will be used in each replica.

All models will be individually serial-numbered and will include a serialized machine brochure to certify authenticity.

Production will be limited to 150 models. At this time the price has not been set. Progress photos, dimensional details, pricing and delivery information will be updated as it becomes available on Classic Construction Models.